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Welcome to the bedside tables website.

Bedside cabinets provide the perfect setting for creating stylish vignettes that personalize a bedroom. Whether accessorizing a guest bedroom, children’s room or your own master suite, choosing the right pieces for accenting bedside tables without sacrificing function is an easy practice.

You want your guests to feel right at home. You pick out the best linens for the bed, artfully display towels and toiletries and may even put a mint on their pillow. The best way to put the finishing touches on the guest bedroom is to accessorize the bedside tables.

If your guest is a reader, place a book from their favorite author at their bedside. A lovely water pitcher and glass is always appreciated. If the bedside cabinets have drawers, tuck away a few surprises like chocolates or cookies for a midnight snack. Place a framed photo of your guest that brings back a good memory.

Finish off the bedside cabinet with a bouquet of fresh flowers. These are the small touches that will make them feel at home. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort you put into making their stay as enjoyable as possible. Be careful, though; they may not want to leave!

When making the most of bedside furniture in a child’s room, a quirky lamp should be the central piece. An alarm clock is also in order, along with their favourite bedtime stories. Family photos are always a good idea, or a favorite stuffed animal that can watch over them at night.

A child’s bedside cabinet can be painted to match the theme of their room. You can get truly creative and decorate children’s bedside tables with cartoon characters or favorite objects. Paint the tables to blend in with the rest of the room and create hiding places for them to store their secrets.

In the master suite, perhaps a touch of elegance is in order. Lovely carved bedside cabinets in pine, oak, cherry, beech or walnut make a strong statement and add grandeur to the bedroom. To personalize them, add a pair of crystal lamps that glisten with soft light. Place a decorative vase filled with fresh flowers on each table.

Beautifully framed photos or artwork find a great place to rest at the bedside. Don’t forget the crystal decanter for water and the small dish to place jewelry that you’ve forgotten to take off before bed. Make sure there is a spot for the latest novel you are reading.

No matter where you place bedside tables; in a child’s room, guest room or the master suite; personalize them and make them special to that particular room. Personalize the tables with touches of home and the necessities of the bedside.