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The Beech Bedside Tables Specialist.

We have an extensive range of beech bedside tables for you to view. Please click on the buttons below to find additional information about the bedside tables that are of interest to you.

Beech Bedside Tables

When you want an attractive piece of furniture suited to many different types of décor, you may want to consider a beech bedside table. Available in a wide variety of styles, bedside tables crafted from beech wood can help you to realize the unique vision you have for any bedroom in your home.

Beech can range in colour from light yellow to red-brown depending on what part of the tree it comes from and how it’s finished. The slow growth rate of beech trees gives the wood a fine, smooth appearance suitable for stain or paint. Darker stains retain the beauty of the wood while making it suitable for dramatic décor. A bright finish radiates a sense of lightness. Paint can lend a playful touch, especially when used in conjunction with the natural look of the beech wood.

The appearance of beech makes it a versatile material for furniture. Because of this, beech bedside tables may be used in any bedroom, regardless of the age or gender of the occupant. Kids and teens will enjoy tables with drawers painted in fun colours like black or pink, which are perfect for storing personal items like magazines and diaries. Bedside chests include multiple drawers to help manage clutter. Contemporary adult rooms can benefit from simple models that offer drawer or shelf storage as well as modern appeal.

One important consideration of beech wood is that, despite its hardness, it can be more susceptible to changes in temperature or moisture than other hard woods. However, it is easy to work with and makes for strong finished pieces that are resistant to abrasion. As with any hardwood, beech simply requires a little care to stay looking its best over time. Beech bedside tables can continue to beautify your home for many years when you give the wood the attention that it needs to retain its attractive appearance.