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You know that mirrors add lightness and space to a room, but how about mirrored furniture? Furniture pieces that include mirrors as part of their designs can make bold, modern statements when used in home decorating projects. Mirrored bedside tables are just one way to take advantage of this unique style. Like traditional bedside tables, [...]

Bring a touch of the past to your bedside with an antique bedside table. When you are searching for a unique pair of bedside tables, exploring the numerous resources for antiques is an experience in and of itself. Since the primary function of a bedside table was historically to contain a chamber pot, most antique [...]

The bedroom table can take on many different looks. It can be highly classical in design, simple and sweet or the ultimate in modern style. The bedroom table can be pedestal style, a block, modern faceted shapes or even accordion shaped or twisted. There are even bedroom tables that double as protective devices. Whatever style [...]

The bedside table is the hidden gem of the bedroom. It is a functional piece of furniture that anchors a bed and adds a touch of grace and hospitality to the guest bedroom. It provides the late night reader with soft lighting and a place to rest their evening cup of tea. The bedside table [...]

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bedside furniture? Do you envision small tables that hold a lamp, an alarm clock and maybe a glass of water? Now open your mind and envision something on a grander scale or something a bit out of the ordinary. Imagine a [...]

When you think of bed side tables you think of cozy bedrooms with matching tables on either side of the bed. You think of warm lamplight glowing over the pillows, with perhaps a vase of flowers and a cup of tea steaming by the bedside. Well, let’s open the bedroom door and step into the [...]

If you really want to make a statement, choose a modern bedside table for the bedroom. They convey an altogether fresh and plucky design sense that brings great character to a room. Coming in all shapes, sizes and materials, the modern bedside table turns the tables on tradition. When your design tastes run more toward [...]

The definitive touch to a bedroom is a bed side table. The side table has long been a part of bedroom décor and it continues to play a large part. The variety of designs offers a range that satisfies the tastes of many. Whether your tastes lean more toward the sleek, uncomplicated lines of modern [...]

Mahogany—just the word evokes luxury and grandeur. When you invest in a quality mahogany bedside table, you are investing in the beauty of fine wood. Mahogany is considered by many to be the premier wood for furnishings. It is a beautiful wood that is strong and stable. Mahogany finishes well, giving off a fine luster. [...]

Oak bedside tables are perfect for a child’s room. They are sturdy, strong and can withstand the active child. Small or large, drawers or shelves, bedside tables for a child’s room should be made well. They can take on the theme of the room with a coat of paint and some imaginative touches. Overall, using [...]

You awake in the morning to a golden beam of sunlight shining into the room, creating comforting warmth that makes you want to snuggle down into the covers where it’s nice and cozy. There is an item of furnishing that matches this mood and creates the same warmth within a bedroom. Pine bedside tables answer [...]

Small bedside tables are like a little treasure chest flanking each side of the bed in a room with limited space. Small in size certainly doesn’t mean small in style and function. Even in the smallest of rooms, bedside tables are an important element, if only to hold a lamp and glass of water. Even [...]