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Antique Bedside Table…Essence of the Past Meets Function of the Present

Bring a touch of the past to your bedside with an antique bedside table. When you are searching for a unique pair of bedside tables, exploring the numerous resources for antiques is an experience in and of itself. Since the primary function of a bedside table was historically to contain a chamber pot, most antique bedside tables are designed as cabinets. Generally, these lovely antique pieces are found in pairs and the style choices are vast.

The greatest advantage of the antique bedside table is the wide selection of styles available. Yes, there are numerous styles available among reproductions, but there is nothing quite like the original. Referred to as bedside commodes, the antique bedside table often has a galleried top and many Italian styles are topped in marble.

A galleried top is a decorative trim around the edge of the table top, also referred to as a tray top. This embellishment makes for a nice flourish and adds some unique dimension to the bedside table. This style is generally carved nicely, or is simply a straight border around the table top.

Victorian bedside tables were predominantly cylindrical in shape, either fluted or straight and were topped with marble. They open with a door inset into the column, where there is extra storage and sometimes shelving. These fit nicely into small spaces and can add that touch of curviness to an otherwise straight furnished room.

There are quite a few selections of the antique bedside table from the George III era, as well as the French Empire and Regency ages. Art Deco is a popular style that blends nicely with today’s more contemporary design styles. If you are searching for something that personifies elegance, the Italian bedside table topped with marble is a true winner.

These artifacts of the past echo an era before indoor plumbing. But more graciously they embody meticulous detail, rich and exotic woods and the glamorous appeal of owning a part of history. The antique bedside table is as functional as it is fanciful. Most styles contain a combination of drawers, doors and shelves where you can hide away a myriad of bedside necessities and luxuries.

When you are searching for a unique addition to your bedroom that embodies the style and essence of the past, yet offers modern functionality, the antique bedside table delivers. Victorian, Italian, French Empire, Art Deco, Georgian or Regency…take your pick. The luxuries of the past await at your bedside.