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The Bed Side Table is the Finishing Touch

The definitive touch to a bedroom is a bed side table. The side table has long been a part of bedroom décor and it continues to play a large part. The variety of designs offers a range that satisfies the tastes of many. Whether your tastes lean more toward the sleek, uncomplicated lines of modern or the ornate, stylized traditional design, there is a bed side table that fits your décor.

If your décor is modern and you wish to incorporate complementary furnishings into your bedroom, a bed side table that is constructed of simple lines and minimal trim will fit nicely. You could even opt for a glamorous touch of mirrored surfaces. This would visually open up the space and provide a great complement to the linear appeal of the modern interior.

A cube bed side table is another great option for the modern design style. Constructed of wood and painted in a bright white or black lacquer, this is a table of great form and function. Creating a space for books or other objects underneath, the top side can be dedicated to a lamp and alarm clock.

In the traditional bedroom, a warm cherry wood bed side table adds grace and sophistication. It incorporates the dark stain and softer lines that make traditional furniture so appealing. The various styles available can be mixed to enliven the space and create a bit of personal flair.

A straight-legged Shaker style bed side table can be placed on one side, while a Queen Ann style table can be placed opposite. This creates a balance that doesn’t look too staid. Traditional style can also be mixed with sleek modern pieces with great success.

When you are seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere to complement a space that is reminiscent of a summer cottage, a pine bed side table is the perfect accompaniment. Either stained with a light satin finish or painted white, the pine table at bedside is welcoming and bright.

Nothing says summer cottage more than a white bed side table with drawers or cubbies for hiding secret treasures. Further enhance the look by distressing the finish and adding antique hardware to the table. Top it with a custom-cut piece of glass to protect the surface. You can display note cards or postcards under the glass for even greater cottage appeal.

No matter your style, there is a bed side table that will work perfectly for you. Whether your taste is sleek modern, curvy traditional or homey cottage, a bed side table is a wonderful finishing touch to any bedroom.