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Bed Side Tables: Not Just For the Bedroom

When you think of bed side tables you think of cozy bedrooms with matching tables on either side of the bed. You think of warm lamplight glowing over the pillows, with perhaps a vase of flowers and a cup of tea steaming by the bedside. Well, let’s open the bedroom door and step into the rest of the house. Just because a table is specifically named for a spot in your home, doesn’t mean that’s where it should necessarily be placed.

Shake things up a little and put your bed side tables in other areas of your home. The foyer or entryway is a great location. You can use the bed side table as a place to put your mail or keys. If you live with a roommate, place a bed side table on either side of the front door or foyer. Each roommate can have their own gathering place for mail, keys or other personal items.

Bed side tables in the foyer also provide great spots to display a sculpture or nice vase. You can display a decorative vase on the table and place a painting above it to create an appealing vignette. A big, bold bouquet of flowers makes an extra special statement and is a lovely welcome to guests.

Place bed side tables in the hallway and top with a candle or small accent light. This is especially nice for guests who are not familiar with your home. Leaving a light on in the hall at night provides them a little illumination if they have to get up during the night. Surprise them in the morning with a fresh towel and scented soaps placed outside their bedroom door on a bed side table.

Bed side tables are the perfect size for a little extra surface in the living room. When you have limited space at the end of a sofa, a bed side table will fit nicely and provide you a place to rest your drink without reaching out to the coffee table. A corner chair that you designate as a cozy reading spot is greatly enhanced with a small bed side table.

Placed anywhere in the home on a narrow empty wall, bed side tables serve as great spots for added accessories, books and places to hide away small items. A deck of cards, a small game, pen and paper or remote controls will find themselves hidden away in the drawers of the bed side table.

The bathroom is a great place for a bed side table. Often not that large and lacking in storage space, the bathroom could use the little something extra a bed side table provides. You can store extra toiletries in the drawers, stack towels underneath if the table is tiered and display decorative jars of bath salts on them.

There are multiple uses for bed side tables. They don’t always have to be assigned to the bedroom. Take a look around your home and spot those places that could use a little something extra, be it a place to store odds and ends or a base for artwork. You may find you like having a spot to place the mail and your keys for easy access. Wherever you decide to put your bed side tables, remember that they are not just for the bedroom.