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The Changing Shape of the Bedroom Table

The bedroom table can take on many different looks. It can be highly classical in design, simple and sweet or the ultimate in modern style. The bedroom table can be pedestal style, a block, modern faceted shapes or even accordion shaped or twisted. There are even bedroom tables that double as protective devices. Whatever style or design you choose, the bedroom table is a furniture item that is as versatile as it is functional.

Looking for something a little unique to spice up your bedroom? Try a block acrylic bedside table that is embellished with the look of wood grain. This design can really add some zing to a staid, traditional room or add extra depth and character to a sleek modern room. When topped with a silver or chrome lamp, a pair of these tables at bedside makes for a winning combination.

If you fall fitfully into sleep worrying about someone breaking into your home, invest in the shield and bat table. This innovative design comes apart and you can use the base as a bat and the top of the table as a shield. The top has handles for you to slide your arm through and grasp as a shield. So the next time you awake in the night to the sound of breaking glass or unfamiliar footsteps, take your bedroom table apart for defense.

The twisted bedside table incorporates three large drawers that are twisted at angles. This design is highly stylish and provides abundant space for keeping your bedside belongings hidden away and tidy. Finished in black lacquer for a sleek look, this highly unique table makes a great complement to the modern interior.

The accordion shaped table can be turned any which way, providing you numerous options for use. Turn it on its side and you have a great sorting system. Place it up and you have a unique bedroom table with multiple open storage options. Thoroughly modern, this piece exemplifies quirky, playful design.

If you’re looking for something special that reflects your personality, family history or interests, look around your house for ideas. An old trunk, a set of painted chairs that have been in the attic for years or a cherished drum table that needs a new place are all acceptable bedroom tables. Switch things around in your home and add some interest with pieces from other rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment and integrate very dissimilar pieces. The combination could surprise you.

Versatile, stylish, functional and even quirky, the bedroom table takes on many design personalities. Choosing the perfect table for your bedroom just takes a bit of assessment and creativity. Sometimes it just takes a good look around your own home to find an ingenious solution to a bedside dilemma. Look around and discover the many changing shapes of the bedroom table.