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Bedside Furniture: Functional, Versatile Style

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bedside furniture? Do you envision small tables that hold a lamp, an alarm clock and maybe a glass of water? Now open your mind and envision something on a grander scale or something a bit out of the ordinary. Imagine a large travel trunk or perhaps a slick modern acrylic cube. Perhaps you think of using a wooden chair as a bedside table. The variety is wide, making bedside furniture one of the most versatile items in the bedroom.

Bedside furniture has taken long strides over the years, evolving into a bedroom staple. Whatever style you choose for your bedroom, the bedside table becomes an integral part thereof. It completes a bedroom, anchoring the bed and providing visual balance to the room. It is functional, giving you a place to put a lamp, alarm clock and perhaps nighttime reading material and drinks. You can hide away the television or stereo remotes in the many drawers or nooks a bedside table can provide.

From commode to hiding remotes for electronics, bedside furniture certainly has changed with the times. First designed to hold a chamber pot at bedside before indoor plumbing, the bedside table was referred to more often as a commode. It was crafted with doors to conceal the chamber pot. Now bedside tables are designed with doors to conceal bedside necessities. They are designed with drawers, shelves and cubbies to suit every style and function required at today’s bedside.

When you have furnished your bedroom with bed, dresser, chest and wardrobe don’t skimp on the bedside. Anchor the bed, balance the room and enhance the room’s character and function by adding bedside tables. They need not match the bedroom furniture. In fact, bedside tables of a different style finish a decorating look that says you’ve accomplished it over time, gradually adding pieces to complete the room.

The convenience of bedside furniture is its biggest advantage. You can place a lamp on the bedside table for task lighting if you prefer to read in bed. An alarm clock is essential at the bedside. If you prefer to have things neat and tidy, a bedside table with drawers and doors can be a great organizational hideaway for items such as remotes, magazines and books.

When choosing bedside furniture, look for a design and material that blends well with your bedroom or makes a bold statement. If you enjoy more understated elegance, a lovely cherry table with a drawer and a tiered based would fit right in. When you wish to add some pizzazz to your bedroom, choose tables of unique design, material and finishes. If you want to lighten up a room that consists mostly of dark woods, bring in a pair of glass or acrylic bedside tables.

The evolution of bedside furniture has made it most versatile and interesting. When chosen carefully, it not only captures the personality of the bedroom occupants, but serves as a functional balance to the room. Bedside tables make a bedroom come alive with style and purpose.