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The Bedside Table: Hidden Gem of the Bedroom

The bedside table is the hidden gem of the bedroom. It is a functional piece of furniture that anchors a bed and adds a touch of grace and hospitality to the guest bedroom. It provides the late night reader with soft lighting and a place to rest their evening cup of tea. The bedside table supports the alarm clock that so brazenly disrupts a good night’s rest. It is the finishing touch to the bedroom.

The bedside table comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes. It can be ultra modern, classically traditional or cozily cottage. You can mix and match the tables or use a matching pair. When creating your bedroom space, think of all the possibilities for the bedside table. Consider what you will want to place on the table at your bedside.

If you wish to hide certain items from view, such as medicine bottles or remote controls, you may want to select a bedside table that has drawers. If you need extra space to stack books, a two-tiered table works great. You can also choose a style that combines both a drawer and a shelf, allowing you plenty of space for books and decorative touches as well.

Even if you are limited for space, you can incorporate a small table that can hold an accent lamp, an alarm clock and any other essentials needed at the bedside. There are numerous styles of tables to choose from that can be used at the bedside. There are simple one level tables, tiered tables and tables with drawers.

Bedside tables can be made of various types of wood, from warm pine to sturdy oak and beautiful mahogany to exotic bamboo. If your bedroom is very traditional, you may consider adding a touch of modern elegance with a set of mirrored bedside tables. If you are creating a warm bedroom, choose a lightly stained pine bedside table.

The size of the bedside table depends on your space and the size of your other furnishings. If you have a large bed with elaborate headboard and footboard, you won’t want to place a delicate table beside it, as it will be overpowered. The opposite is true if you have a small bed. Choose bedside tables that are comparable in size.

A bedside table serves not only as a resting and storage place for necessary items such as lamp, clock and water pitcher. It also serves the purpose of visually balancing your bedroom. You can choose two different styles of bedside table but make sure they are the same size and common visual weight. For example, you can place a square table on one side of the bed and a round table on the other if they are close in color or finish.

The bedside table is more than a piece of furniture. It is a bedroom necessity that has been in use for centuries. Now topped with alarm clocks, lamps and a myriad of other bedside essentials, this gem may be a bedside table but it takes center stage for function and style.