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The Quintessential Mahogany Bedside Table

Mahogany—just the word evokes luxury and grandeur. When you invest in a quality mahogany bedside table, you are investing in the beauty of fine wood. Mahogany is considered by many to be the premier wood for furnishings. It is a beautiful wood that is strong and stable. Mahogany finishes well, giving off a fine luster. Bringing this revered wood into your bedroom is a testament to your quest for fine furnishings.

The quintessential mahogany bedside table is stately no matter what size, shape or design. When you place a pair of these tables at your bedside, you know that you will have them for many years. The majority of antique bedside tables are crafted of mahogany and many reproductions are made today to mimic the style of those from a bygone era.

For a truly traditional look in a small room, there are compact designs that fit well into your limited space. They are tables that feature a small door at the top with a tiered bottom on sturdy legs. Often, they are topped with decorative edging known as a galleried top. These smaller tables are perfect for the tight fit and can offer you just the right amount of bedside space you need.

When you are looking for a large, robust mahogany bedside table, there are many from which to choose. If you have the space and need grand pieces to keep in scale with the rest of your bedroom furniture, there are lovely mahogany tables that feature carved embellishments. These pieces add distinction to the table and bring a luxurious appeal to your bedroom.

To truly appreciate the beauty and lustrous finish of mahogany, a large surface is best. When choosing a bedside table, think of the many uses you will find for the piece. Not only will it be a bedside component but it will become an integral part of the bedroom, housing items that you may not want in view such as remotes, wallets, cell phones and other electronic devices.

You may want a table that will hold several volumes of books for your bedside reading. You may wish to have keepsakes near and feature photographs of friends and loved ones. You may want to invest in a beautiful lamp that shows off the glow of the wood on your mahogany bedside table. A space for items such as a glass of water, your glasses and your jewelry may also be required.

No matter the size, the shape or the design, a mahogany bedside table is the ultimate in fine furnishings. It elevates a room to a level of luxury and provides you with many years of function. This bedside table will see you through many nights of peaceful slumber, lazy days spent reading in bed and early morning wake-ups. This is the bedside table you have envisioned in your dreams.