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Oak Bedside Tables for a Child’s Room

Oak bedside tables are perfect for a child’s room. They are sturdy, strong and can withstand the active child. Small or large, drawers or shelves, bedside tables for a child’s room should be made well. They can take on the theme of the room with a coat of paint and some imaginative touches. Overall, using oak as the wood for bedside tables in children’s rooms ensures that they will last.

When choosing bedside tables for a child’s room, ensure that they are constructed well and provide plenty of options for secreting special items for the child. They will enjoy this extra touch. The tables should be large enough to hold a lamp and maybe the stray toy or stuffed animal and an alarm clock if needed.

Paint them to reflect the theme of the child’s room and embellish them with stencils and playful hardware. For the little princess in your life, a pair of oak bedside tables painted white makes the room very feminine and bright. For the sports enthusiast, paint the bedside tables in the colors of their favorite sports team and use drawer pulls shaped like sports equipment.

Of course, oak bedside tables look great finished in a clear varnish or a light stain. These integrate well into the child’s room. They add a touch of warmth and keep the room bright and airy. If your child’s room is shared by more than one sibling, select different styles of bedside table for each one to express their individuality.

The styles of bedside tables are numerous. You can choose those that are of a simple tiered design, those that feature drawers or shelves and tables that are shaped like a favorite animal. Bright block tables are perfect for the child’s room. If your child’s room is decorated in primary colors, choose a block design with a different color on each side. These can also be moved around to other parts of the room when needed.

The longevity and strength of oak makes it an ideal furniture choice for a child’s bedroom. You can rest assured that they will not succumb to breakage easily. Depending on the style, oak bedside tables can transcend the child’s age and be used throughout their teen and young adult years.

Oak remains a popular choice of wood for many furniture pieces. Selecting oak for bedside tables is an investment in sturdy and attractive furniture that will last for many years. It has a handsome grain that is only enhanced with stain. Placing oak bedside tables in a child’s room assures you that you’ve chosen a hardy, well-crafted bedroom component that will remain stylish and functional.